Customer Appreciation Day!

At a time when so many of us are faced with some of the most difficult periods of our lifetime, for some of us that choice is clear. Nurses, doctors, first responders and all of the staff who make these establishments function properly during this pandemic give us the opportunity to be safe and at home with our loved ones. They have put everything on the line for us: their lives, mental health, energy, security, and most importantly, time spent with their own families. They are making the ultimate sacrifice!

Today, I want to personally thank Danielle Newman who is a Registered Nurse working with Veterans in the Boston area. She understands the dangers that come with the job, and at the same time, she understands that it in this moment that the world needs people that are willing to risk it all for the greater good. Out of the kindness of her heart, she bought a few masks for herself and family in addition to donating one to a nurse of our choice. We have chosen Christine Coughlin, a nurse in the the Providence area to be the recipient of this donation. In addition, we have added an additional mask in Christine's package to be donated to another nurse or first responder of her choice.

The Sek-sē family wants to thank the both of you and all of your colleagues for being our true superheroes on this planet!

This great act of kindness shown by Danielle has convinced us to do more! We want to show our appreciation for this kindness; and therefore, when a customer buys two or more mask, we will donate one to health care professionals or first responders.

Stay home and stay safe!


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